• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: 1 daughter
  • Location: I'm in an altered state
  • Education: some
  • Profession: Catwrangler
  • Birthday: happens once a year

About Me

One day, I plan to write an autobiography. Till then, I'm living.

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40 weeks 1 day ago

I knew a female that would take oxy and chop it up, then snort it. I think that might be a little more prevalent than we know. I also...

40 weeks 1 day ago

The undisclosed store was already identified in another news outlet...
People will do anything nowadays in order to sue someone...

40 weeks 2 days ago

It should be no secret that the pill makers want to expand their user base at all costs.
Big conglomerates do not care about the...

40 weeks 4 days ago

What differentiates between charging a car and charging a mobile device such as an Iphone or laptop? I see people jacked in at what is...

40 weeks 4 days ago

Every parent's worst nightmare.
Prayers and sympathy to the family.

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