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  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated
  • Children: Two, minority children (they, like myself, pay taxes)
  • Location: In the heart of the thriving metropolis of Grovetown
  • Education: Bachelor of Divinity (Proving once again how messed up the education system is!)
  • Profession: Semi-Retired
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Unrepentant America-loving, gun-owning, ex-11B4P, busy clinging to religion as a crutch.

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4 years 29 weeks ago

This sad excuse for a human is no different than those other shooters who kill for fame. I doubt there is any political dimension to...

4 years 29 weeks ago

The problem with the 'Fair Tax' is it cannot solve our basic problem: We simply spend too much.

Whatever "fix" is made in revenue...

4 years 29 weeks ago

"How can The Chronicle complain about media bias when that’s all you deal in?"

Delusional. The Chronicle uses the same sources...

4 years 31 weeks ago

Obama is neither properly a right or leftist. How can it be expected for a person who has no understanding of the concepts of...

4 years 31 weeks ago

False statements under oath? Who do they think they are, the police?

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A commercial rezoning that could bring German discount grocer Lidl to west Augusta crossed the first hurdle Monday after Augusta planning commissioners unamiously approved the request.
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