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Willow Bailey
  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated
  • Children: Two, minority children (they, like myself, pay taxes)
  • Location: In the heart of the thriving metropolis of Grovetown
  • Education: Bachelor of Divinity (Proving once again how messed up the education system is!)
  • Profession: Semi-Retired
  • Birthday: Many

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Unrepentant America-loving, gun-owning, ex-11B4P, busy clinging to religion as a crutch.

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3 years 44 weeks ago

Until they lock up the buyers -- on a weekend with no judge to set bail-- and then prosecute them for receiving stolen property, one...

4 years 2 weeks ago

Take a $1,000,000.00 from the "Change-the-name-and-close-the-streets-to-peasants-fund," half that from the "Move-everything-down-the-...

4 years 2 weeks ago

Heard from a friend of mine in Kentucky; their churches and homes are being hit as hard by vandals who destroy the a/c units for chump...

4 years 3 weeks ago

The gap between rich and poor grows because of a system of taxation which discourages investment; a system that because of benefits...

4 years 3 weeks ago

David Lynch was mrudered in his own home in Calfornia. For those who do not know who he was, he was a white supremicist leader. While I...

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As Paine College continues an aggressive fundraising campaign to turn around years of decline, the school’s most recent financial audit shows climbing debt and more revenue loss over the last ...
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