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Willow Bailey
  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated
  • Children: Two, minority children (they, like myself, pay taxes)
  • Location: In the heart of the thriving metropolis of Grovetown
  • Education: Bachelor of Divinity (Proving once again how messed up the education system is!)
  • Profession: Semi-Retired
  • Birthday: Many

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Unrepentant America-loving, gun-owning, ex-11B4P, busy clinging to religion as a crutch.

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4 years 21 weeks ago

Here's the link sent to me:

4 years 21 weeks ago


4 years 21 weeks ago

I was forwarded a video of yet another fight in Augusta Mall over the weekend; not to my surprise nothing on the AC site. Big...

4 years 21 weeks ago

PB28: "Pretty sure they're not going to LITERALLY burn him at the stake or drown him in a river,,,"

Yeah, all they would have...

4 years 22 weeks ago

"What a disgrace that we ... in the CSRA, are allowing this abomination (gay pride parade) to take place in the streets of Augusta."...

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