• Relationship Status: Divorced
  • Children: Yes.
  • Location: Augusta
  • Education: Law degree
  • Profession: Accounting/Finance
  • Birthday: Yes, I have one.

About Me

Update: I now have 20.000 points on here which entitles me to have my face carved on Mount Rushmore. Vietnam veteran and unfashionably proud to be one; lived and worked all over the world and love the CSRA! Single father with custody. Future graduate of Compass Academy in Aiken. Founder and President, Campaign to Change Augusta's Motto from "The Garden City" to "The Give It Up City". And no matter what the AC says, Dixieman has 10,000,000,000 points!! (I still don't understand what these points are for anyway.)

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5 days 15 hours ago

...you do-gooders.
This is America.
We believe in FREEDOM!
(Or used to, anyway).
I want to be free to smoke (...

5 days 15 hours ago

should do the restroom maintenance.
Or even hourly.
Keep them busy so they have no time to go to court to shut...

6 days 8 hours ago

The AC has been reduced to just reprinting whatever press release this socialist job-killing ecofascist litigation machine sends over....

6 days 15 hours ago

...to turn those wild spotted feline predators loose to hunt down and kill and savagely eat the poor little goats! This is so cruel...

1 week 14 hours ago

There's never any excuse for this. Throw the book at him and see what his sex life is like in prison.

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