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2 weeks 5 days ago

It seems like someone on here is trolling for an argument. Whatever could the motive be?!!?


2 weeks 5 days ago

So if Deal recants and says we'll take on O Care and puts it into the system, the Fed pays for the first year, then it's on the...


2 weeks 5 days ago

What we are looking at is the beginning of WW3. You don't realize it yet because Nancy Pelosi hasn't let you read it yet! You've just...

3 weeks 4 days ago

Good Afternoon from the Broad St. Canal/Skyway, Low Places, Coffee&Donut, Bar&Grill and Psychiatric Center! Who says we can't be...

3 weeks 4 days ago

Close the borders, send all persons and family who are here illegally back to their home country, change EBT, Section 8 and all the...

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