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5 days 17 hours ago

Go to Walmart and watch. 40% of the Card users will have wigs, hair done and nails done, driving a newer SUV, not working or paying...

5 days 19 hours ago

If you own rental property you can't refuse to rent to anyone. That's why a lot of good rental property never gets advertised but is...

5 days 19 hours ago

That would fund 2 full time investigators and prosecution of the ones gaming the system. It shouldn't be a way of life. 4 years...


5 days 19 hours ago

Since the passage of ACA hospitals and Doctors have closed shop and will continue to. It is one of the many problems with the Obama...

6 days 4 hours ago

He takes a lot of credit for anything, yet the only thing he's done is sponsor a bill naming a Post Office!! Does anyone know what his...

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