• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: 5 Sons
  • Location: Appling, GA
  • Education: Some college taken in the military.
  • Profession: Retired and still VP of my son's corporation.
  • Birthday: 73 years of Taurus

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4 years 15 weeks ago

Just got back fishman960, Very few like you make it, Some I feel for and some I don't. I have good feeling for you and I want to wish...

4 years 15 weeks ago

fishman960, If you knew me personally, you would feel that I am one hell of a hard core son of a %%$^. Inside me is 70 years of life...

4 years 15 weeks ago

Heck, I might even give him a job, but first, he would have to show me in an interview that every word coming from his mouth was the...

4 years 15 weeks ago

fishman960 1:06, yes, he could very well be one of the small percentages and really I do have feeling for him. All I can say is for him...

4 years 15 weeks ago

fishman960 12:53, part of the human race then became a criminal by choice.

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