• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: yes
  • Location: Dee Why
  • Education: Accounting and Commercial Law
  • Profession: Storage and Removal Expert

About Me

Cameron Robertson has been through quite a journey building his career over the years. He’s had his hands in many pies, but for some reason has always come back to customer service. It was a struggle when he was younger and he needed help for his education through college. Cameron worked hard in the hospitality industry to pay for his classes and it was a tough time which made him realise the importance of having to find a career and do well in it. He really wanted a career that would take him somewhere. After graduating, he tried his hands out in the corporate world and applied to a large bank in Sydney. Cameron would stay in the bank for 2 years until realising that’s not what he wanted. Although it was cushy and there were regulations and structure making it easy for him to earn a generous salary, there was just something wrong about having to work for someone else. Surely there was more potential to do things elsewhere? Cameron remembered the time he worked with friends over the university holidays. It was a tiny storage business that provided their campus classmates cheap storage solution for items that they didn’t want to bring away with them over the holidays. It was a simple concept of providing a watchful eye and a safe location to ensure that things didn’t go missing while they went back to their hometowns. The business idea is very much like what we see all over the country with all the goings-on in the storage industry now. It was something about the ability to help people while setting his own parameters for business that drove him to start up his own landscaping business. The landscaping business went well, but when Cameron came across the Supercheap Self Storage Solution, he knew that he had stumbled upon a winning solution that was so similar to the business he had in school. On hindsight, it was more than coincidental that he’s now a manager of a big storage business franchise in Dee Why. A simple students’ project has given him more than enough background and startup knowledge to ultimately convince him that he would be able to achieve his goal of finding a fulfilling AND rewarding career as a franchise owner of the Supercheap Storage brand name. Since then, Cameron has worked on being able to understand the needs of his customers even more. He fosters a very homely business environment where his staff are keen to offer advice for free on the best methods and ways to store their items in the mobile storage units that his company provides. He himself relishes being able to talk to customers and enjoys when he’s able to find solutions for them on a daily basis. Having such an intimate relationship with the running of a storage business has really given Cameron the passion to excel and exceed in this industry and he promises that we’ll definitely be seeing him in this business for a long time to come!

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1 year 31 weeks ago

Hope the people who stayed in that house are okay, I'd hate to be them living out of storage boxes for the next week or month until...

1 year 31 weeks ago

Why would people want a whole bunch of lawn equipment that's in storage? I get that some equipment can be expensive but unless they're...

1 year 31 weeks ago

That's quite a lot of drivel here that should be hidden away and put far far away into storage!! It's so disorganized too, even if I...

1 year 32 weeks ago

I would also add in that garden implements should be sent into storage when you're thinking about doing an exterior overhaul. Storage...

1 year 32 weeks ago

This is really ridiculous! Unless they have in-depth knowledge of who owns what units, it's quite impossible to make a good (and by that...

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