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35 weeks 16 hours ago

They need to do a recall on their lawn mowers. I purchased an X304 five years ago and it has practically fell apart. Seat torn to...

35 weeks 2 days ago

Throw Buckner's books straight in the trash and do not pass Go! Got it Mr. Buckner?

35 weeks 2 days ago

Does anyone recall a special on 60 minutes some 20 years ago about the cancer rate in the Aiken/ New Ellington area being the highest in...

35 weeks 4 days ago

Very good post Humble Angela and it was quite entertaining reading your comments to t3bledso! These people really amaze me.

36 weeks 1 day ago

I'm sorry some people do not get what you are saying Mr. Henning , then again some people will never get it! Very good article. I get it...