Brad Owens

Brad Owens
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: One son Austin and one daughter Mirabella
  • Location: Augusta, GA
  • Education: U.S. Military, ASU and GMC
  • Profession: Security
  • Birthday: Oct 1st

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6 years 9 weeks ago

dissman, the DDA law was created by the state of GA to help cities build parking decks. The Director's position was created when Randy...

6 years 9 weeks ago
This sounds great, "if the plan goes forward, they’ll be put in other public housing units or be given Section 8 vouchers for rental homes...
6 years 9 weeks ago

And by the way, do any of you that have been downtown for the last ten years see where the DDA spent our $4,000,000.00? The county...

6 years 9 weeks ago

jfg1958. I live and work as a security contractor in Africa now. I will answer your your questions. 1. I visit downtown everytime I come...

6 years 9 weeks ago

Nay, I'm bitter because the DDA (only one org among many) has received over 4 million dollars in the past 13 years and has NADA to show...

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