Brad Owens

Brad Owens
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: One son Austin and one daughter Mirabella
  • Location: Augusta, GA
  • Education: U.S. Military, ASU and GMC
  • Profession: Security
  • Birthday: Oct 1st

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Too much to post here.

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5 years 39 weeks ago

sprintman, WTF does anything you wrote have to do with the plan they have there in Aiken being used to help Harrisburg?? Laney Walker...

5 years 39 weeks ago

SAVE THE POWDERWORKS CHIMNEY! Not quite as catchy as "Save the Whales' or 'Save our Butt" (Butts bridge rally cry in the 90's) but it...

5 years 39 weeks ago

drumbeater1 said, "get a harrisburg 10 yr old kid, give him a pellet gun, pay him .25 cents per pigeon....bird problem solved" Now THAT...

5 years 39 weeks ago

HYPOCRITES 08, why? What would be the reason to let the only remaining structure the CSA built be destroyed? waht would be gained for...

5 years 39 weeks ago

We should sell it to the SCV for a small token amount and make part of the agreement that they must raise the funds to repair and...

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Christmas Eve rains to dry up

If Wednesday seemed particularly wet and dreary, you would be right. The day broke the record for the wettest Christmas Eve that Augusta has ever had.
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