Brad Owens

Brad Owens
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: One son Austin and one daughter Mirabella
  • Location: Augusta, GA
  • Education: U.S. Military, ASU and GMC
  • Profession: Security
  • Birthday: Oct 1st

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Too much to post here.

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6 years 16 weeks ago

Cheney aaid in an interview that he is speaking out NOW because he can and he will not sit by and allow people to accuse the Bush Admin...

6 years 16 weeks ago

Motorman5039, name one Nazi hanged for doing no real harm to prisoners please? Slapping, throwing against tin walls that make loud...

6 years 16 weeks ago

Waterboarding is not torture but I would shove a hot poker up a terrorist's anus if it saved American lives. I know Paul Cook and he is...

6 years 16 weeks ago

What about INDIVIDUALS maiking thier OWN way? Why is it that you all expect the frigging government to fix this while in the same breath...

6 years 16 weeks ago

The fact that it was local appointees verses members of the Legislature who the Gov needs votes from. No brainer what he was going to do...

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