Brad Owens

Brad Owens
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: One son Austin and one daughter Mirabella
  • Location: Augusta, GA
  • Education: U.S. Military, ASU and GMC
  • Profession: Security
  • Birthday: Oct 1st

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Too much to post here.

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20 weeks 2 days ago

Mayor Davis has folks talking about changing the charter and that is a positive step in the right direction no matter what.

22 weeks 5 days ago

While they are at it, make a simple majority of a quorum present pass any item.

22 weeks 5 days ago

You missed my point.. for many people this isn't about politics, for the politicians, its ONLY about politics.

Just look at the...

22 weeks 5 days ago

Useful idiots.. that is all they are. The Mujihadeen, also an Islamic based military force, were also used by us to defeat the Soviet...

22 weeks 5 days ago

Anyone who thinks this lady making those remarks is a mistake is sadly mistaken; she is doing exactly what she is suppose to do, she's...

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