• Relationship Status: Single
  • Children: None.(that I know of)
  • Location: Augusta, Ga
  • Education: Yes, I'm edumacated!
  • Profession: It's a job and pays the bills.
  • Birthday: Yes I have one. (Scorpio)

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I was born, I'm still alive, and I'm not dead yet!

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2 years 5 weeks ago

The one smart thing he has done!

2 years 6 weeks ago

Wow deleted my post again I see, somebody at the AC just doesn't like me. Well the feeling is mutual now.

Back to the subject at...

2 years 6 weeks ago

My cell phone bill is under $30 a month with 300 monthly minutes and unlimited texts and data/web. I save money not give it away like...

2 years 7 weeks ago

I agree Augusta Citizen!

And to Mr RZombie125 not only does the Military protect our Country but it also protects it's soldiers...

2 years 7 weeks ago

"They told me to get out of the road, she said." I'm sorry but that is not being rude, that's stating the obvious for her protection!

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