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7 weeks 6 days ago

I just can't understand why anyone would ever again vote for a splost, E-lost, T-splost, any of these.

8 weeks 1 day ago

Red Headed Step Child, yes, the FA is almost always right and their prediction for the period of 2/21 - 2/26 is identical to their...

8 weeks 1 day ago

Corgimom sez "When you borrow something, and agree to return it, and don't, it's stealing." Yes it is, okay. But I thought we didn't...

8 weeks 3 days ago

I know that you weren't getting into whether or not Social Security or Medicare are advisable programs, I went there. I agree with you...

8 weeks 3 days ago

I am as fiscally conservative as they come. I am so much to the right that I could topple over at anytime. I am more on the side of...