Best seats in the house lie beyond right field

ATHENS, Ga. --- Ryan Enright and his buddies have it made this weekend.


Their vantage point is well stocked with beer, hot dogs, ribs and a propane grill, and they've got the best view of Foley Field -- bar none.

Enright and associates have been perched nearly 100 yards beyond right field since the Athens Regional started Friday. If Georgia keeps winning, they'll remain atop the appropriately named Kudzu Hill, heckling right fielders not wearing caps embroidered with the letter "G."

They'll be cooking, cackling and making the rest of us inside Foley Field more jealous than a pauper drooling over a passing Rolls Royce.

Enright, a Richmond, Va., native, Augusta's Taylor Bird and Jesup's Zac Smith reside in the brick house beyond right field.

It's their personal frat house for baseball, complete with a Tiki torch-adorned deck and a plastic pink flamingo keeping watch over the medium-sized flat screen.

Earlier this season, they laminated Georgia's roster and had it blown up to 4 feet long and 4 feet wide and duct-taped it to the house under the porch.

"We got tired of girls saying, 'Whose number is' whoever," Enright said. "We just point and say, 'Look up there.' "

The three friends, all recent Georgia grads, rent the three bedroom, one bath house for $1,350 a month. It was passed to them from three other friends who moved when they finished school. Enright and Bird will be moving along, too, on July 1, and a fresh batch of inhabitants will assume the barbecue and baseball duties for next season. One newcomer, Savannah's Thomas Odom, is moving in, upgrading from the awkward-colored green house that sits 60 feet to the left. It only has two bedroom and one bath.

The young men and their neighbors have endeared themselves to Georgia's players and coaches, mostly because they're out there every game. It doesn't matter if it's Western Carolina or South Carolina, or if the temperature is 30 degrees or 90.

Brian Jester, Georgia's director of baseball operations, sent over some old authentic uniforms before the season. Star shortstop Gordon Beckham dropped off a 12 pack of suds before the season, too. Then on Saturday, he socked a season-saving home run in the seventh inning to help keep the house party going for another day.

There were some tense moments for Enright and company Saturday when Georgia looked bound for a two-and-out showing at its own regional. The celebration was on the brink. But Beckham, their preseason wise man of beer, helped keep the party chugging for another day.

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