Marine who urinated on Taliban dead says he'd do it again

A Marine who was fined and demoted for urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan in 2011 says he would do it again.

"I regret maybe any repercussions it might have had on the Marines. But do I regret doing it? Hell no," Sgt. Joseph Chamblin told WSOC-TV in Charlotte, N.C., adding that he would do it again.

The infamous incident was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube last year, becoming international news and raising fears of retaliation by Afghan troops against their coalition trainers.

"These were the same guys that were killing our family, killing our brothers," said Sgt. Chamblin, who was on a mission to stop Taliban insurgents from making roadside bombs.

One of his sniper team members, Sgt. Mark Bradley, was killed by a buried bomb days before the incident.

"We're human," he said. "Who wouldn't if you lost your brother or mother? Wouldn't you want revenge?"

Sgt. Chamblin said he didn't consider endangering other troops by the act, but considered the psychological effect it would have on the enemy "because if an infidel touches the body, they're not going to Mecca or paradise."

"So now these insurgents see what happens when you mess with us," said Sgt. Chamblin, adding that he is planning to retire in September and is writing a book.

The Marines court-martialed nine troops for the incident. Sgt. Chamblin, a 15-year veteran, pleaded guilty for urinating on the bodies and dereliction of duty and was fined $500 and demoted, WSOC reported.

"Do you want the Marine Corps to be a group of Boy Scout pretty boys or do you want guys that will go out and kill the people trying to take advantage of your country and kill Americans?" he said. "Which do you want? Because you can't have both."

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Darby 07/17/13 - 03:19 pm
No, don't want or need Boy Scouts

to do the dirty job our politicians require of our soldiers.

And no, ....don't want to hear that trash about "We have to be "better" than the terrorists."

We only have to be better at killing them than they are at killing us. That's the extent of it.

The sheltered pansies who would have our warriors conduct themselves on the battlefield in the same manner as we would behave on the football field are as dangerous as the Taliban.

To win and survive against a vicious, unforgiving and inhumane enemy requires that we shed many of the societal niceties that are necessary in a civilized environment.

Reduced in rank and fined?? The man should have been promoted!

justputtin 07/17/13 - 08:42 pm
Leave them alone

To the young men doing a job that others won't or can't, I say let them do their job. This is odd behavior but after the stress of war, I say that's a release of anger and a degree of satisfaction most people can't understand. And, this marine wanted to send the message regarding afterlife. Let them do their job.

scoopdedoop64 07/19/13 - 02:33 pm
Makes Sense to Me

I fully understand. You train a marine to do a job and you have to have an aggressive mental frame of mind to do such a job. I say to all our soldiers that we support and love you. to the ones who want to urinate on their graves...don't do it front of a camera.

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