Private Probation

Police round up accused probation violators


A squad of Richmond County Sheriff officers spent their workday Thursday arresting people who have pending warrants for allegedly... Read more

Plaintiffs fight high court's ruling in Sentinel case...


Those suing the private probation firm Sentinel Offender Services have begun filing motions asking the Georgia Supreme Court to... Read more

High court allows return of private probation company


Georgia’s Supreme Court has granted a private probation company’s emergency request that will allow Richmond County State Court... Read more

Rants & Raves

WE DON’T NEED a charter school. The good students help the poor... Read more

Limitation on probation company remains pending appeal


Sentinel Offender Services and the Richmond County State Court judges were unable Thursday to persuade Judge Daniel J. Craig to back... Read more

Sentinel ordered to return to court

A judge has ordered Sentinel Offender Services to attend a hearing Thursday to explain if and why it has ignored... Read more

Private probation company dealt costly blows in judge's ruling...


Sentinel Offender Services is going to have to refund payments to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people under a ruling issued Monday... Read more

Sentinel contract tops commission's agenda ...


Long before Augusta commissioners debated the merits of privatizing city services such as public transit and golf course management,... Read more

Probationers accused of ankle monitor theft

Five residents who were under house arrest while serving a probation sentence in Richmond County are wanted on charges of felony theft, accused of... Read more

Judge extends Sentinel restraining order

For at least the next 20 days, the restraining order prohibiting the enforcement of arrest warrants requested by a private probation company will... Read more



Probation company has another lawsuit filed against it

A traffic stop that led to a woman’s false arrest and imprisonment in Richmond County is the basis for a new... Read more

Editorial: A need for more reform

One way or another, Sentinel Offender Services likely will change the way it does business.

It would be preferable if Georgia’s largest... Read more

Bipartisan support in Washington for reform of misdemeanor courts

Republican and Democratic senators on Wednesday agreed that the nation can no longer ignore what they see as the... Read more

Man indicted on driving charges in near fatal crash

A 24-year-old Augusta man accused of drunken driving when he caused a vehicle crash that nearly killed his... Read more