Graniteville Train Accident

Reader questions about train wreck

The following are questions from our readers sent to Our staff is working to... Read more

Senator calls for summit

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said a summit on train speeds, crossings and other rail safety issues in this cramped mill town has been scheduled for... Read more

Plug stops leak in car

GRANITEVILLE - Salvage workers successfully plugged a ruptured tank car that was leaking deadly chlorine at the wreck site of a Norfolk Southern... Read more

Ninth victim found dead

GRANITEVILLE - The death toll from a train accident and chlorine spill increased to nine Saturday, while federal officials hinted that an... Read more

Relieved families return to homes

GRANITEVILLE - As the front door of Lalo Castro's house opened for the first time in two days, a fuzzy, black and white blur scampered into the... Read more

Several schools will stay shut down

AIKEN - Several Aiken County schools in the Graniteville area will remain closed Monday and Tuesday because of chlorine gas still in the area,... Read more

Chlorine may cause long-term ailments

While many victims of chlorine inhalation in the Graniteville accident are expected to recover, some might experience a chronic health ailment for... Read more

Answers to your questions about the Graniteville accident

What route do I need to drive to get to Augusta from Aiken?

Although authorities have... Read more