Richmond County Board of Education

The Richmond County school system, the largest in the area, is expanding its nationally recognized magnet program.

Of all its schools, its magnet programs garner the most recognition.

A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet High School added seventh and eighth grades in the 2009-10 school year. A.R. Johnson, which won the blue ribbon award in 2003, currently has grades 9-12.

C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet School houses kindergarten through eighth grade and was named a Georgia School of Excellence in 2003.

John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School is for pupils in sixth through 12th grades. Davidson was named a 2004 Blue Ribbon School and continues to be ranked the state's top high school by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

Davidson again had the highest SAT scores of any school in Georgia this year, a distinction it earns frequently. It was also named a 2008 School of Excellence.

Richmond County's magnets also include the International Baccalaureate Programme at the Academy of Richmond County. The IB program allows students to study a rigorous curriculum recognized the world over at one of the oldest schools in the nation.

The county's schools no longer require pupils to wear uniforms, but the system maintains a strict dress code.

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