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Movie Theater Snacks

DIPPIN' DOTS: These quick-frozen BB's of joy are really the only practical way to eat ice cream at the movies. Other than making ping-pong balls shatter at a science museum, this really is the best use of liquid nitrogen ever.

SNO-CAPS: So delicious and yet eaten only at the movies. It's a mystery. A delicious, crunchy, chocolate mystery.

GIANT SODA: Some might argue that the small soda is a more economically viable option. Forget that. A small drink won't lead to the midmovie pit stop, and everyone needs a little stretch time. It should be noted that cup condensation helps cleanse fingers besmirched with butter from the ...

POPCORN: It's possible that a movie will still screen without a tub or two of the ultimate cinema snack in the audience. Possible, but unlikely.

RED VINES: The only food better when it's a little stale. There's nothing quite as satisfying as the hard snap of a Vine -- the candy that makes you work for every sweet bit of pleasure. They double as soda straws for those pining for the true high-test sugar kick.

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