Etta May ready to give audience dose of ‘Southern Fried’ humor

The Southern Fried Chicks Cage-free Comedy Tour will feature Mia Jackson (from left), Sonya White and Etta May. The laughter starts at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 17 in Evans. SPECIAL 

Etta May might call herself the “Queen of Southern Sass” and be part of the Southern Fried Chicks Cage Free Comedy tour, but her humor extends beyond the Mason-Dixon line.


“My stuff is universal,” said the comedienne who will be at the Jabez S. Hardin Performing Arts Center in Evans at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 17, with Sonya White and Mia Jackson. “You know there’s a little Russian child piercing his tongue, and a kid in Africa saying ‘whatever.’ ”

Raising kids, weight loss and other topics common to American women come up during her comedy routines, but don’t worry, she will stay away from hot buttons such as politics. And in her comedic persona, she doesn’t mind turning the joke on herself.

“I’m almost like a public service announcement. You can walk out with your wife or husband or friend and say, ‘We may not be the Rockefellers, but at least we aren’t Etta May,’ ” she said.

With the two other women in the show, Etta May said the program is a good girls’ night out, but men are welcome. They can also get a chuckle or two.

While she travels the country with her anecdotes and one-liners, Etta May said some of her favorite audiences are in the South because she knows she’s done her job when she’s played to a Southern crowd.

“One good thing about playing for the South, they’ll let you know when they love you. You can see the movement. There’s a sway and people bobbing their heads,” she said. “People laugh with their entire bodies, and they hit their husbands or poke each other.”

It’s not that way in other parts of the country, she said.

Etta May appeared in Evans about four years ago, and although she’s returning, she said she has all new material for this show as do Jackson and White.

“If people have seen us before, they need to come see us again,” she said.

She might even give away some of her tongue-in-cheek weight loss tips.

“For my New Year’s Resolution this year, I decided not to lose weight. My new plan is to get fatter friends. That way, I’ll still feel good about myself,” she said.

Tickets are $42.50. Call (706) 726-0366 or visit