Brian Regan ready to bring the laughs to Augusta again

“I don’t know any of those four-letter words,” says comedian Brian Regan. “I want to make sure people are laughing at the idea. Some people will just laugh at the four-letter words.” The comedian returns to Augusta for a show on Aug. 25. SPECIAL

Brian Regan’s style of humor is one that appeals to a wide group of people.


Known for his clean comedy that shies away from cursing and off-color topics, Regan often has audiences from children to grandparents. He will be at the Bell Auditorium on Friday, Aug. 25.

“I don’t know any of those four-letter words,” Regan said and then laughed during a recent phone interview. “I want to make sure people are laughing at the idea. Some people will just laugh at the four-letter words.”

Regan has been doing stand-up comedy since college. The 59-year-old Florida native has played Augusta many times and said he always enjoys coming back. During his early years, he did a lot of gigs according to geography, and he remembers playing a comedy club on Washington Road a couple of times.

The early years had him in front of club audiences that had to be at least 18 or 21 years old. He remembers the first time he played a theater, and he realized the breadth of his appeal.

“It was weird for me,” he said. “I had a CD out at the time, and someone came backstage and said ‘you know there are kids in the audience.’”

Regan’s show isn’t necessarily kid-oriented. He said he doubts that kids find signing mortgage documents or talks about cholesterol funny, but they can relate to his experiences in school with the spelling bee or learning the complexities of English grammar or other topics he delivers in his sarcastic brand of humor.

The father of two, Regan doesn’t bring his children into his jokes unless they can be the hero. He never wants to succeed at making them the butt of the joke, he said. And he stays away from politics unless he can find a joke to make people of various political persuasions laugh.

Regan has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the Late Show with David Letterman, but one of the most memorable shows he ever did had nothing to do with a huge audience or a television appearance.

Regan said he remembers doing a show and his son was backstage on a stool taking in his dad’s stand-up.

“I turned to take a sip of water, and I see him looking at me, laughing,” he said. “It was amazing.”

Regan’s Augusta show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $39.50 and $44.50. For ticket information, visit



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