The list

Ten things to do with discarded holiday decorations:


Tinsel floss

Christmas ball ornament beer pong

Replace brake lights with far more festive green twinkle bulbs

tree skirt = real skirt

Dreidel cat toy

A saucy garland boa

Fruitcake will keep till next year

Put the tree angel on your car antenna: It makes it easier to find in parking lots

Holly fight!

An inflatable Garfield in a Santa hat will scare a lot more crows than a guy made out of straw.



Pop Rocks: Augusta, my Christmas wish list has one thing

My family often accuses me of being a difficult person to Christmas shop for. While it is true that my tastes run toward the particular and tend to lean heavily on easy-to-wrap standards such as books and records, I believe that as I get older, I’m less concerned with the item than the idea. Give me something I believe you have thought about and carefully considered, and I’m happy. The present clearly purchased at the drug store the day before is met with considerably less enthusiasm.

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