Head to the grocery or drugstore for a fun and quick gift this year

Associated Press
A Snuggie -- a blanket with sleeves -- can be purchased at your local drugstore as a quick, last-minute gift. Retailing at $14.99, the Snuggie is an inexpensive find. And the lucky recipient can wear it at Metro Coffeehouse and Pub's Snuggie party Saturday.

The last feeling you want on Christmas Eve is the panic that you didn't get someone a present. I've found that you can often find a present in a pinch at a grocery or drugstore.


One item you'll find at most drugstores is the Snuggie. Yes, we all make fun of it, but as a Snuggie owner myself (received last spring as a birthday present), it's also fun to own one. At a recent party, it was a highly traded Dirty Santa gift swap item. Another sign of its popularity is that Metro Coffeehouse and Pub is holding a Snuggie party Saturday. These blankets with sleeves retail for $14.99.

For a quick host or hostess gift, you can pick up a bottle of wine or peppermint bark for $10 or less.

Looking for something pricier? They sell digital cameras and camera accessories in photo labs at drugstores. For a more practical gift, you can buy home appliances, such as blenders, at these stores.

The main strategy to employ if you want to look as though you didn't pick up something at the last minute is to avoid obvious off-brand items. Wireless fitness does not equal Nintendo Wii game, and off-brand perfume does not equal the real deal.

Because there are items available at most prices, a quick lap around your closest grocery or drugstore should produce a gift that will wipe that pre-Christmas panic from your mind.

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