Lunch money

Kindergarten lessons come in handy at the Boll Weevil Cafe & Sweetery, 10 Ninth St. at Riverwalk Augusta. The lesson for today is sharing.


That's because you'll want to split a sandwich for lunch so you can meet the Lunch Money criterion of $10 per meal and still include one of the Boll Weevil's incredibly decadent desserts with your meals. Moreover, desserts are sized for two, so you feel full but lessen the guilt by rationalizing that you didn't eat as much as you could have.

I do a lot of rationalizing.

On a recent visit, my favorite lunch buddy, Donna, and I ordered different sandwiches ($6.95 each, but we each took home half to feed the offspring), then split a massive slice of carrot cake (no leftovers for the guys, though).

Sandwiches are fun and different. We got The Jerk (grilled jerked chicken with provolone and ranch dressing on the side) and a Curious George (turkey with spinach dip and provolone). All the sandwiches offer great combinations of flavors and textures, and are served fresh.

The house salad offered as a side had fresh greens, but the mandarin orange slices were soggy and bland fruit from a can or jar.

The ice tea was cool and clear, and a variety of sweeteners was available. Perfect.

Vow to take a stroll along the riverwalk after your meal to justify a bit of dessert, because there's no better place for sweets in Augusta. The carrot cake ($5.95) is worth the trip in itself. A dash of whipped cream was added, but that was a bit of overkill. Visit on a Sunday and desserts are $3.95.

Servers are unfailingly efficient and friendly, and the food is generally served quickly.

With tip, our bill was $31.13, but again, we could have been out of there for less if we had split a sandwich.

Boll Weevil also serves soups, salads and a handful of entrees at lunch. It is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Call (706) 722-7772, or see

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