Video Games

Most gamers spend the early part of the year catching up on software. Take your time. You still have more than a month until the first major game of 2009 -- Warner's F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin -- drops. Here are the games I'm waiting for.


RESIDENT EVIL 5 (CAPCOM, FOR THE XBOX 360, PLAYSTATION 3): Chris Redfield goes to Africa to find the source of an infection that has wiped out most of the human race.

BRUTAL LEGEND (ELECTRONIC ARTS, 360, PS3): Jack Black provides the voice of Eddie Riggs, a roadie who dreams of being a rock god.

HARMONIX'S BEATLES GAME (MTV, SYSTEMS UNKNOWN): The creators of Rock Band are building this rhythm game based on the Fab Four's career.

GRAND THEFT AUTO: CHINATOWN WARS (ROCKSTAR, DS): Return to Liberty City in the first GTA title for Nintendo's handheld.

INFAMOUS (SONY, PS3): Sucker Punch lets you try on the leotard of a superhero -- or is he a supervillain?

Champions Online (Cryptic, 360) and DC Universe Online (Sony, PS3): Build a superhero from scratch in either of these multiplayer virtual worlds.

ALPHA PROTOCOL (SEGA, 360, PS3): Neverwinter Nights 2 developer Obsidian updates the role-playing game with the cloak-and-dagger of espionage.

HEAVY RAIN (SONY, PS3): Fans of the disturbing Indigo Prophecy can be creeped out again.

MADWORLD (SEGA, WII): This promises to be the goriest Wii game yet.