The Best BBQ

Everybody has a barbecue opinion. Some think that a vinegar sauce is appropriate, while others believe a mustard base is the way to go. Some think the best meat comes from the shoulder; others, the flank. There are questions of wood and charcoal -- should it be hickory, oak or some other smoking hardwood?

In truth, there are no right or wrong answers, just preferences and, perhaps, some experiments that pan out better than others.

Still, we here at The Augusta Chronicle felt that after the success of our Burger Board, it might be time to turn our attention toward the South's staple cuisine. We selected six barbecue joints (no chains allowed) and six hungry newsroom writers to rate each establishment's chopped-pork sandwich on a scale from 1 to 5 on the criteria of flavor, consistency, sauce and serving size. Here are the less-than-scientific results.

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So what did we get wrong? Right? What smoking pit should have been included that we missed? It's your turn to give a shout-out to Augusta's best barbecue. Comments can be sent to