Game review




PUBLISHER: Capcom; $39.99

THE GAME: You play as Harvey Birdman, superhero-turned-lawyer. The game has several stories in which you have to present evidence, decide the line of questioning and help your client on the stand.

THE GOOD: The game stays true to the television series' strange, often random humor. The characters, animation and voices give it the feel of an episode. Fans of the series will definitely enjoy the game. The game works well with the Wii controller.

THE BAD: There's nothing ground-breaking -- or even very interesting-- about the gameplay. It's mostly point-and-click to move the story along. It almost seems like one of those games that comes as an extra on a DVD.

THE VERDICT: Harvey Birdman fans will want to rent it. There's no need to buy, because it can be finished in a few hours. I've seen very little of the show, and it kept me interested for about half of the game content. Then it was back to Bioshock. **1/2 out of *****