A few of their favorite things

For the fifth consecutive year, the 12 Bands of Christmas concert will put more than a little rock, pop and soul under Augusta's collective Christmas tree.


The event, which will take place Sunday night at the Imperial Theatre, 745 Broad St., has become a tradition. This year, in addition to the local musicians who routinely grace the 12 Bands stage, several guests will join them, including producer Don Dixon (R.E.M., The Smithereens), who will perform with Edison Project; Shawn Mullins (Lullabye ), playing with Patrick Blanchard; and Sean Eden of the late, great indie rock outfit Luna, playing in Matthew Buzzell's Night People.

Given that 12 Bands of Christmas has become an important holiday tradition for fans and musicians alike, The Augusta Chronicle decided to poll some of the 12 Bands participants and organizers about their own traditions.

There were some constants. Nine of the 11 participants prefer real trees, and more than half prefer their egg nog with a little kick, although statistics were skewed by people who don't like the nog at all.

Here is how they answered.

Favorite Christmas song?

Father Christmas, by the Kinks. - Kip Conner

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Elmo and Patsy. - Patrick Blanchard

This Christmas, the Donnie Hathaway original. - Tim Cox

Swiss Colony Beef Log, by Eric Cartman - Everything After

Least favorite Christmas song?

"Can you really be mad at a Christmas song?" - Will McCranie

Toyland - Ruskin Yeargain

"Anything butchered by Celine Dion." - Chris Rucker

"Anything performed by Kenny G." - Joe Stevenson

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. - Dave Firmin

Favorite Christmas gift?

"An imperial AT-AT and my first set of golf clubs in the same year." - Chris Rucker

"A three-piece Slingerland drum set when I was 14." - Tim Cox

"A three-stage, water-powered rocket with a payload capsule large enough to hold my hamster. It had a parachute. He survived the flight fine but was eventually eaten by a neighborhood dog." - Don Dixon

Top of your wish list this year?

"That the kids don't wake up on Christmas Eve." - Ruskin Yeargain

"A bow tie." - Patrick Blanchard

Yuletide drink of choice?

"Wild Turkey. But I hardly think it needs an occasion." - Will McCranie

Have you ever had your halls decked?

"At least once or twice." - Tim Cox

"Define 'decked.'" - Joe Stevenson

"Only once, but I was young and needed the money." - Everything After

Gift bags or gift wrap?

"Gift bags. I'm a dude." - Dave Firmin

"Wrap. Bags are for lazy gift-card givers." - Don Dixon

White Christmas or Blue Christmas?

"The King, Blue Christmas." - Patrick Blanchard

"White, blue - whatever - just give me some snow." - Chris Rucker

"Why is it always a white/blue thing?" - Everything After

Naughty or nice?

"Both for sure. You can't have one without the other." - Emily Carder

"Will Santa see this? No? Naughty." - Kip Conner

"A nice sort of naughty." - Everything After

Favorite Christmas tradition?

"New pajamas on Christmas Eve. You know, so you look spiffy in all those Christmas-morning pictures." - Emily Carder

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