Three for PS3: 'Fight Night' leads pack

Associated Press
The game Fight Night Round 3 shows professional boxers battling in the action game for the PlayStation 3.

Anyone who spent $2,000 buying a PlayStation 3 on eBay has to be kicking himself - especially now, just two months later, when you can easily find one online for its $600 list price. If you waited for the hype to fade and prices to fall, you might be wondering whether the PS3 is even worth that much. The answer: No, not yet.


Right now, there's only one truly excellent game (Resistance: Fall of Man) that you need a PS3 to play. Most PS3 titles are duplicated on the Xbox 360, but if you don't already own a 360, the PS3 is a worthy candidate for high-definition gaming. Here's a look at some other PS3 games.

FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3: (EA Sports, $59.99): On the Xbox 360, Fight Night has set new standards for high-def realism, and the PS3 version packs the same wallop. A big part of what makes Fight Night so much fun is its unique "Total Punch Control" system, in which you throw punches by rotating the right analog stick instead of pressing buttons. The new edition adds some more powerful punches.

You can play as Muhammad Ali or as one of dozens of other fighters, from Floyd Patterson to Sugar Ray Leonard to Roy Jones Jr., or you can create your own brawler and lead him all the way to the championship bout. It's EA's finest sports simulation yet.

FULL AUTO 2: BATTLELINES: (Sega, $59.99): The original Full Auto, for the Xbox 360, dazzled with its vivid scenes of wholesale destruction, but there wasn't much substance beneath the flash. Full Auto 2 is more of the same.

The goals, again, are to drive fast and blow stuff up - two of our favorite things to do, but the way they're combined here is less than thrilling. There's a halfhearted story line, and most of the time you're presented with one of two goals: Either outrace your opponents or destroy them.

The biggest problem is that the physics just don't feel right. The cars themselves feel weightless, their handling is terrible and even the weapons don't have much of a kick. Full Auto 2 is fun for short races against your friends, but it doesn't have the staying power of Electronic Arts' similar Burnout series.

BLAZING ANGELS: SQUADRONS OF WWII: (Ubisoft, $59.99): This game re-creates all the major air battles of World War II, from the Battle of Britain to Midway to D-Day. It's a fairly basic air-combat game, where you simply take to the skies and shoot down as many German Messerschmitts and Japanese Zeroes as you can.

The PS3 version doesn't look substantially better than last March's Xbox 360 release, but it does have two new missions and 10 new planes. More significant is that Blazing Angels exploits the motion-sensing capabilities of the PS3 controller. The gimmick adds a little pizzazz to a somewhat bland game.