Theater group to put on modern 'Godspell'

Members of Musical Theatre Workshops rehearse for Godspell, which will be performed Feb. 1 at Greenbrier High.



It’s a show that Mickey Lubeck has wanted to produce for several years.

“I just had to wait for the right group of children,” said Lubeck, whose Musical Theatre Workshops performers will present Godspell at 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at Greenbrier High School. “I love Godspell because it’s an ensemble piece, and I love ensemble pieces.”

The Musical Theatre Workshops will perform the revival version, which was on Broadway in 2011. Written by Stephen Schwartz, who also wrote Wicked, Godspell was first performed in 1970 and moved to off-Broadway in 1971 and to Broadway in 1976. It has undergone several revivals over the years. Based on Episcopalian hymns and the parables in the Gospels, Godspell’s newest incarnation suits Lubeck’s tastes best.

“The recent revival brought it into our century. I refuse to do (the) ’60s version because everyone thinks Jesus is a clown,” she said.

The original version has the performers dress as hippies and flower children. The revival version allows for contemporary clothing and features updated music.

Also, the original calls for only 10 actors, and Lubeck has a cast of 19. There are two named characters, while the rest use their own names. Because of the show’s ensemble construction, Lubeck had the liberty to use all of her actors.

Logan Pirkle, a 17-year-old Lakeside High School senior who is the youth worship leader at Parkway Baptist Church, plays the role of Jesus.

“It’s an awesome and humbling opportunity,” said Logan, who has jumped into his role. “It’s furthered my Bible studies as I research the parables.”

Tickets for Godspell cost $8 in advance or $12 for adults and $8 for children at the door. Group discounts are available. For more information, call (706) 231-1759.