Urban Gospel play humors church antics



The church members are a mess.

The secretary is in love with the pastor, who is happily married. A deacon is stealing money from the church.

A choir member is determined to sing even though she can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

The pastor doesn’t know what to make of his new church home, and he’s thinking of leaving.

That is, until his wife reminds him that God will be the one who will clean up the mess in the church.

All of that is the premise of the urban gospel production Church Mess, which will be performed at Georgia Regents University’s Maxwell Theatre at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 23.

“It does not promote the church as a mess, just sometimes the people in church can be a little messy,” said Bryan Elliott, one of the play’s co-producers.

He said that even though the situations with the congregation are exaggerated to make them funny, the play deals with a lot of issues that are really happening in a lot of churches.

“People are able to see themselves or people they know on stage,” he said.

The play has been touring the country for the past eight years and has been performed in 20 countries. Next year it will be made into a movie.

The Rev. Chad Cooper and his wife, Alicia Robinson Cooper, wrote Church Mess while he was pastor of a church in Miami.

He felt called to minister through urban theater and movies, Elliott said.

The Coopers first produced the play with a $500 budget. It sold out and has been performed on the road ever since.

Discounted tickets are available in advance.

For ticket prices or more information, call (888) 977-2282, ext. 100.