Pop Rocks: Fans finally get date with Edison Project

Initially I thought it was a ghost in the machine, a digital relic of a bygone age. After all, the act in question hadn’t been heard from since MySpace was a thing and was presumed by all to reside permanently in the past tense.


Their fans, myself included, had long ago gone through the five stages of grief and accepted the idea that what once was would not be again. That, after all, is the nature of rock bands. They appear, prosper, and implode. It’s that volubility and limited shelf-life that grants some of the immediacy music requires.

But that, as it turns out, is not the case with Augusta’s own Edison Project.

Now I had heard rumors and discussions, assurances that any hatchets felt buried and the yearning to make that singular big noise had returned, but I’ve been burned before.

So while enthusiastic, I was never excited and never hopeful. But last week, the rumored became official.

The Edison Project put up a Facebook page. You can’t get more official than that. They’ve also booked a gig, so I guess that counts for something as well.

The band will play its first show since 2009 opening for Tonic on April 18 at Lady Antebellum Pavilion. The “After Ride” concert, which is being put on by the Deputy J.D. Paugh Memorial Foundation, will follow the fourth annual Memorial Ride. Event tickets are $30. Show-only tickets are $10 from etix and jdpaughmemorial.org.

It’s interesting to think of the ways the landscape has changed since Edison Project last played together. People who can now see the band in a bar weren’t old enough to drive when last they played. Only one Marvel movie, the original Iron Man, had been released, leaving the world open to alien invasion and/or domination by evil geniuses. I was still driving a PT Cruiser.

So many changes.

But the changes I am most interested in are those that have surely affected the Edison boys, as they are now men.

When the band last recorded in 2007, most of the members were barely old enough to drink. Today, they are all married men. They are all fathers. They are more seasoned as musicians and bring with them that certain sense of understanding that comes not only by playing, but by living.

The good news here is that while I make them sound like grizzled old vets prepped for the local equivalent of a nostalgia tour, they are all still young men, well within their rock and roll prime.

Does that mean this is the beginning of the Second Act of Edison? That’s impossible to predict.

I do know that families and careers make a band a much more challenging proposition. I also know that I am eager to hear what this act has become, to perhaps revel in what they once were and, for at least one night, to watch one of my favorite Augusta acts play together once again.



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