Impulse Ride to play tribute

Bill Irwin (left) and Ruskin Yeargain perform as Impulse Ride.

A day after playing as special guests for the Rick Springfield concert, Augusta duo Impulse Ride will be participating in a remembrance of a local man, with the proceeds going to a memorial fund that will help in efforts to keep the outdoors beautiful for everyone.

The remembrance will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 9, at Joe's Underground, 144 Eighth St., for Troy Hodges, an outdoors enthusiast and bartender who died recently at the age of 33.

Ruskin Yeargain, lead singer for Impulse Ride, will play Smile (Troy's Song) for the event.

Proceeds will go to the Troy Hodges Memorial Fund, of which funds will be sent to organizations involved with the Appalachian Trail, as well as with the protection of the Savannah River.

"Anyone who ever met him would know that you'd feel some kind of connection with him," Yeargain said during a phone interview. "When he
passed away, I had to write a song, and I had never been moved to write a song before.

"He pushed you to go outside of your comfort zone and he'd be there with you to help you along," he said.

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