Meet the 2014 AMPED Music Contest Finalists: Livingroom Legends, 'Got Your Love'

Although the calendar says the Livingroom Legends, a former AMPED champion, is well into its lucky 13th year, the band acknowledges that there are a lot of people who might be unfamiliar with the Americana rock ensemble.

For several years, careers, side projects and raising a young family – Ken Stephens and his wife, Mindy, play guitar and bass, respectively, and both sing – sidelined the act. Still, the Stephenses still considered it an ongoing project. Ken continued to write for the band, which began as a duo but now features five players, and they continued to play, albeit not often publicly.

“We were in the living room,” Mindy said with a smile.

Recently however, the band wrapped its third release – titled Livingroom Legends – and has made a habit of playing out again. Ken Stephens said those familiar with previous incarnations might be a little surprised by what they hear.

“It’s kind of strange, because now there are a lot of days when I really want to jam things out more,” he said. “I think we’re getting louder. I thought people mellowed as they got older.”


This year’s AMPED Music Contest finalists range in age from a young diva not yet able to apply for a driver’s license to a drummer who chooses to spend his retirement rocking. They range in experience from nearly novice to seasoned musicians who have played together for many years.

What they have in common is talent, commitment and the creative urge required to create musical moments.

Before they take the stage in front of our panel of judges at 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 20, on the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival’s Community Stage, we’d like to introduce each and encourage everyone to come root for your favorite.