Meet the 2014 AMPED Music Contest Finalists: Ca$h Bled$oe, 'Baby Says Bling's the Thing'

It all started with a wig.


Bill Quattlebaum never considered himself much of a songwriter or musician. But that all changed when he found an absurd pompadour wig and, on a whim, tried it on. That, he said, was the moment Ca$h Bled$oe was born. He said he felt compelled to buy it and from there, things just seemed to happen.

First came the name, derived from lists of redneck names on the Internet, and then some songs. After that he assembled a band and even filmed an elaborate music video.

“The truth is, I’ve probably put a little more money into this than I should have,” he said with a laugh. “I mean, I never thought this would go. I never thought I would perform. This is all a surprise.”

Part Elvis, part trailer park royalty and part hip hop attitude, the Ca$h character is willfully unlike the soft-spoken Quattlebaum. Still, when he takes the stage in an animal-print jacket and the wig, he said there’s a transformation.

“It is funny, because I’m not a musician or a vocalist,” he said. “I always thought that would be more of a problem.


This year’s AMPED Music Contest finalists range in age from a young diva not yet able to apply for a driver’s license to a drummer who chooses to spend his retirement rocking. They range in experience from nearly novice to seasoned musicians who have played together for many years.

What they have in common is talent, commitment and the creative urge required to create musical moments.

Before they take the stage in front of our panel of judges at 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 20, on the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival’s Community Stage, we’d like to introduce each and encourage everyone to come root for your favorite.



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