Jake Owen hit hole-in-one with country music career

Jake Owen will perform at James Brown Arena on Sept. 6 with guests Eli Young Band and The Cadillac Three opening.



Thursday, Aug. 28, is an important day for country music singer Jake Owen and his fraternal twin brother, Jarrod. The Florida-born brothers are turning 33.

While Jake (or Josh as his family calls him by his real name of Joshua Ryan Owen) is headlining concerts in large venues including at James Brown Arena on Saturday, Sept. 6, Jarrod continues to live a quieter life in Vero Beach, Fla., where the brothers grew up.

Jarrod, who attended Florida State on a tennis scholarship, sells property and casualty insurance.

“I get asked all the time ‘Why aren’t you on the road with Jake?’ ” Jarrod told a reporter for Vero News. “He’s asked me several times to leave Vero, buy a house in Nashville, live up there with him and work for his team.

“And I’ve always said that was his thing. I’ll still love him and support him but from the outside because I wanted him to establish himself in his industry and let me establish myself in my profession.”

Actually, many Augustans who are cutting horse enthusiasts know their father, Steve Owen, closer than they know his two sons.

Steve Owen repeatedly has competed in The Augusta Futurity as a rider and as a horse owner.

In just a few years, Jake Owen has quickly established himself in the country music world by following the same formula of singing about trucks, drinking, rural life and fast women.

His albums have produced the hit singles Yee Haw, Startin’ With Me, Don’t Think I Can’t Love You, Eight Second Ride and Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

Owen’s original goal was to be a professional golfer and he played on the Florida State golf team. That career was derailed when he suffered a severe shoulder injury while wake boarding. He picked up a guitar, learned some chords and started writing songs and singing in small bars.

Through some lucky breaks, he ended up becoming a country music star and about two years ago married a model, Lacey Buchanan, who has been seen in a couple of Owen’s music videos. They tied the marital knot in a sunrise ceremony on the sand in Owen’s hometown of Vero Beach.

Owen’s wife and their daughter, Pearl, often travel with Owen.

His affectionate reference to Lacey as his “wifey” has not gone over so well with some others in Nashville’s music community, especially when Owen tweeted a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt that read, “Cool Story Babe. Now Go Make Me a Sandwich.”

Barbara Brooks, who also has competed in The Augusta Futurity and who is married to Kix Brooks, formerly of Brooks & Dunn, is said by several Web sites to have tweeted back, “Been married to @KixBrooks for almost 32 years, partly cuz he never called me ‘wifey.’ Just a suggestion.”

Brooks added, “I bet Lacey will take care of that shirt. I’ve had several laundry ‘accidents’ over the years.”

Owen, however, never seems to take his ups and downs in life too seriously. And when he is not on stage, he still loves to play golf whenever he can, such as celebrity tournaments raising money for various charities.


WHO: Country music star Jake Owen with opening acts Eli Young Band and The Cadillac Three

WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6

WHERE: James Brown Arena

TICKETS: $41.50, $27 and $12 at the box office, georgialinatix.com or (877) 428-4849