Annual Singer-Songwriter contest gets Amped for 2012

Changes include new name

Editor's Note: To ensure every artist interested in participating in this year's Amped contest has an opportunity to enter a submission, we have extended the entry deadline. Submissions will now be accepted through Sunday, July 15. Contest dates have been updated to reflect the new deadline.



It’s time for a little out with the old and in with the new.

We have decided to reenergize The Augusta Chronicle Singer-Songwriter Contest. The event, which invited musicians from the Augusta area to submit and, for a fortunate few, perform their original music, proved popular but was, we felt, in need of freshening up.

The result is a contest that retains much of what we loved about Singer-Songwriter while addressing our desire to make it bigger and better.

We’re calling it AMPED: THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE MUSIC CONTEST and it’s time, once again, to kick out the jams. The rules, as in years past, are relatively simple.

• Submissions will be accepted through Sunday, July 15.

• Each artist or group is limited to one original song.

• Submissions must be appropriate for all audiences. Profanity will lead to disqualification.

• Artists must be able to perform submissions for a live audience.

• Digital files may be e-mailed to and CDs can be mailed to Amped: The Augusta Chronicle Music Contest, The Augusta Chronicle Newsroom, 725 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901.

Here are the rewards.

ROUND 1: Voting runs July 23-Aug. 3. Twelve acts, six chosen by popular online vote and six critics’ picks, will participate in the Amped semifinals.

ROUND 2: Voting runs Aug. 14-27 on audio and video performances of the 12 semifinalists. Six acts, three chosen by popular vote and three critics’ picks, will be selected as finalists. Finalists will also perform at an Amped preview party.

THE FINALS: The remaining six acts will participate in the Amped finals on Sept. 15 at the Arts In the Heart of Augusta festival. A panel of three judges will select a first-, second- and third-place winner. First place wins $400, second place wins $200 and third place wins $100. More prizes to be announced at a later date.

Welcome to our bigger and better. Now, let’s hear what music you have to share.

– Steven Uhles, Correspondent