Black Tusk revs up for overseas with Augusta show

Black Tusk will perform Feb. 25, at Sky City, 1157 Broad St.;



Black Tusk, described as a gritty, sludge band with abrasive vocals, will make a stop at Sky City on Saturday, Feb. 25.

“It’s going to be loud and exciting, and it will have lots and lots of energy,” said Athon, the band’s bassist and vocalist, who simply goes by his last name.

The Savannah-based band just got out of the studio where members recorded their part of a split 7-inch with the band Dead Yet?.

“We covered some of their music and did some originals, and they are covering some of ours. We are putting them on a 7-inch,” he said.

Dead Yet? still has to head to the studio so Athon didn’t have a release date on the new project.

The Augusta concert helps the band ramp up for a mini U.S. tour in March and a European tour in April.

Athon said the band can’t wait to travel to Europe again. Last winter, they toured 14 countries in 3½ weeks as a co-headliner with the band Howl. This year’s European tour will include a stop at the annual Roadburn Festival in Holland from April 12 to 15.

Roadburn is “Europe’s leading underground festival for psychedelic, avant-garde, doom or any other variation of leftfield sonic pleasures that push the boundaries of music,” according to the Roadburn Web site,

In Augusta, the band will perform some earlier releases, and possibly debut new tracks from the split 7-inch.

“We can’t wait. It will be a really good show in Augusta,” Athon said.



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