See variety of film at Poison Peach festival



What began as a regional film festival in Augusta has expanded since its inception.

“We are primarily a local and regional event, but we have some international submissions from China. Also, we have a couple from New York,” said Christopher Forbes, organizer of the sixth annual Poison Peach Film Festival, which will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 3-5, at Imperial Theatre.

More than 20 filmmakers are participating in this year’s festival. The festival features an array of works including pieces created by students at John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School and Georgia Regents University. Other filmmakers include Stephen Gilliam, Dan Beck, Joshua Seymour, Jonathan Cook, Michael Hennessy, Karlton Clay and Yannik Cartier.

Forbes’ newest film, Confederate Cavalry, will premiere at Poison Peach on Saturday, and there will be an evening of filming to close the festival on Sunday. Shown from a Southern point of view, Confederate Cavalry follows a group of soldiers through the Civil War. Included in the cast are many local actors and historical re-enactors.

“People often ask if there is a family-friendly night, and I’d say it’s typically Saturday. Some films are more of an adult nature and are not kid-friendly,” he said.

On Sunday, scenes will be shot for the film Cabaret Diabolique, a dark musical of love, betrayal, mystery and murder, featuring original songs by Christopher Forbes and Jezibell Anat, with a script by Anat and Joseph Zuchowski,” according to a news release.

“We are going to be filming some of the stage numbers,” said Anat. “This is set in an Atlantic City cabaret.”

While at the cabaret, however, there’s an on-stage murder. Audience members will also see dance numbers and a magic act with a custom-built torture chamber.

Forbes said he sees Poison Peach continuing to expand and adding more films for viewing during the afternoon hours of the festival days.

Poison Peach begins at 7 nightly. Tickets are $12 for one night or $20 for Friday and Saturday. Sunday admission is free. For tickets, call (706) 722-8341 or visit


The sixth annual Poison Peach Film Festival is Jan. 3-5 at Imperial Theatre. Events begin at 7 nightly. Sunday features a film production event. Tickets are $12 for one night or $20 for Friday and Saturday. Sunday admission is free. For tickets, call (706) 722-8341 or visit



• Veggie Bodies: written by Paul Cannon, directed by The Cannon Brothers

• Gilyard: directed and edited by Philip Stanley; written by Michael Lepp, Brandon Dawson and Philip Stanley

• All for You: performed by Hellblinki, directed by Stephen Gilliam

• A-WAY: (Chinese with English subtitles) directed by Lien Chien Hung

• M is for Mimic: directed by Jonathan Cook

• Mein Comp: written and directed by Denton Adkinson

• Venym: directed by Nikolette Amani

• The Lyon’s Den: directed by Karlton Clay

• Basement Tapes: directed by Michael Lepp

• Caterpillar: written and directed by David Field

• 1,000 Bullets to Heaven: Southern Hospitality: written and directed by Joshua Seymour



• From Davidson Fine Arts: Dropped (Parker Bolick), Spooky to be Hungry Commercial 2013 (Logan McElroy and Ezra Anthony), Sisters (Chris Hendon), Addicted to Instagram (Jacob Wall)

• I Am: performed by Hellblinki, directed by Dan Beck

• M is for Movie Making: directed by Nick Laws

• One Little Spider: written by Bryan Williams and Chris Boykin

• Doritos Challenge: written and directed by Mark Crump

• A Plan of Action: directed, edited and written by Micheal Clark

• The Great Kentucky Goblin Spree (trailer): written and directed by Duane Brown

• 8 p.m.: Southeastern Film­maker’s Award Presentation

• Feature: Confederate Cavalry: written and directed by Christopher Forbes