Dine & Dish: Pink Frosting makes for sweet treat

If I see a cupcake, I’ll order it. So when I saw Pink Frosting’s pretty pink and brown sign along the curve on Walton Way, I knew I had to go. And when my friend Eileen and I made a date for a catch-up girls’ lunch, I suggested it.


“That will work out well for reasons I will reveal :),” she e-mailed back. “I’m intrigued,” I responded, matching her emoticon for emoticon.

Pink Frosting is located in a tiny and charming house on the right as you’re heading up Walton Way. According to its Web site, the owners take their inspiration for their from-scratch desserts and simple lunches from their grandmother, even using some of her hand-written recipes.

Upon walking inside, I thought their grandmother would be proud. Little groupings of tables are clustered in a sunroom and then in another small room, topped with flowing white tablecloths and faded pink and yellow silk roses. Colorful art decorates the walls, bright against the dark hardwood floors and café au lait walls.

But the star of the room is the glass case at the back, filled with elegant little platters of cupcakes, pound cake, pies and cheesecake. (The shop will also deliver cupcakes in orders of 2 dozen or more and can create custom cupcakes and dessert tables!)

The desserts change daily, as do the soups, said co-owner Kaleshia Holmes, who was working that day. The rest of the beautifully edited menu stays roughly the same, including a tuna melt, veggie melt, barbecue pulled pork sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich and a grilled chicken salad sandwich, available in a combo with chips or as a half sandwich/soup combo.

As I often do, I’d already set my sights on my dessert choice: the lemon lover’s cupcake with its buttery yellow icing. And when Eileen breezed in, we hugged quickly before mapping out our meals.

Both of us decided to go for the veggie melt with a choice of sourdough or wheat breads: Eileen chose the combo with a sweet tea, while I ordered the half sandwich/soup combo (the day’s soup was tomato) and a lemonade.

When we sat down after placing our order at the counter, Eileen dished. At Augusta Prep, it’s a sweet tradition for the cheerleaders to make special treats for the football players every Friday. Her son, a football player, happens to be dating a cheerleader – and he in turn was returning the favor with a sweet treat of his own. Eileen’s mission (and why Pink Frosting was such a perfect fit): to order up something sweet for his someone special.

But first up: eating our healthy veggie meals so we could order cupcakes. The melt was basically a grilled cheese sandwich heaped with vegetables: Cheddar and Monterrey jack (for a hint of spice) with avocado, peppers, onion and spinach. Not only was the bread’s grilled exterior nice and brown and crisp, but the veggies had a ton of flavor. Yes, it was a tad greasy, but hey, that’s what a grilled cheese (and veggie) sandwich should be.

I could tell my tomato soup was homemade, but unfortunately it was pretty pale, not only in color but in flavor. It was sweet and a bit tart, but I missed that robust tomato flavor that you get from a really red, ripe tomato that’s formed into soup. Its tartness, though, was nice against the heaviness of the sandwich.

I did like, however, how the lemonade wasn’t too sweet. To me, nothing’s worse than cloyingly sugary lemonade that stays sticky on your tongue long after you drink it.

We’d had our fill of conversation too when Eileen glanced at her watch and declared that it was time for cupcakes. Her choice was cookies and cream, and after careful consideration (red velvet was in contention), a lemon lover’s cupcake was also boxed to go as her son’s gift.

Eileen’s chocolate cupcake was a bit cottony in texture (she let me try a bite), but I’m afraid that I greedily ate my entire lemon cupcake (and didn’t even think about offering her a bite until right this moment – sorry, Eileen!). The cake, with its gentle lemon flavor, was moist and dense, almost like pound cake, and the icing was a slightly sweeter and more lemony version of the cake. Lemon is one of my favorite flavors and I don’t often order it since it’s not my husband’s favorite (and we always share), so this cupcake was all the sweeter.

A few weeks later, I remembered to text Eileen to ask how the cupcake had gone over. Not only did his son’s girlfriend like it, but that same night, Eileen’s son was crowned Homecoming King and his girlfriend was Homecoming Princess (juniors are princes and princesses) at the football game that evening.

“What magic it wrought!” wrote Eileen. It was an answer worth multiple emoticons.


WHERE: Pink Frosting, 2055 Walton Way

HOURS: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

SECOND HELPING: (706) 738-7622, thepinkfrosting.com, or find them on Facebook



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