Music by Turner: That groove is getting older

Paul McCartney shows his guitar to Ed Sullivan before the Beatles' live television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964. The TV performance was 48 years ago, which means the screaming girls in the audience that day are somewhat long in the tooth now.

Gee, look how young everyone used to be!


For me, one of the fun things about enjoying vintage concerts is observing the folks in the audience. Just like some of the performers, the ones in the crowd have gotten quite a few years older.

For example, the next time you see Woodstock, be reminded that those innocent, sweet-looking “hippie chicks” are now a jaw-dropping 43 years older than they were at the festival!

Yes, that young lady they show grooving to Jimi Hendrix while wrapped in a blanket is now in her mid-60s and is probably collecting Social Security as well as a pension.

That’s not all: most of the girls who screamed at The Beatles’ performances on The Ed Sullivan Show are even older. Yikes!

Some say “Living well is the greatest revenge,” but of course to do that one first must have a pulse.

Let’s take a quick peek at some very famous musicians to see what their ages were at their time of death and how old they would be in 2012.

James Dean24 (1955)81
Buddy Holly22 (1959)75
Marilyn Monroe36 (1962)85
Nat King Cole45 (1965)92
Otis Redding26 (1967)70
Jimi Hendrix27 (1969)69
Janis Joplin27 (1970)69
Jim Morrison27 (1971)68
Elvis Presley42 (1977)77
John Lennon40 (1980)71
Bob Marley36 (1981)67
John Belushi33 (1982)63
Karen Carpenter32 (1983)61
Jeff Buckley30 (1997)45
James Brown73 (2006)78


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