Holiday is time to give while you give thanks

It is unseasonably warm, so it’s hard to imagine that Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is not far away.


In the Best family, it’s a tradition to take turns around the Thanksgiving dinner table sharing what we are thankful for. Every year, I always say pretty much the same thing. I say stuff like my health, and my family and friends.

Like most people, I think my grateful list never quite measures up to my Christmas list. But there is something a little different about Thanksgiving this year.

In an economic climate where things are tough all over, I can say that I am really blessed. I think its human nature to get depressed and down when things are not rosy, but its also human nature to want to be happy.

I had some pretty rough days over the past few months – we’ve all been there. But the thing that helped me get through it was the fact that I had people who listened to me. It’s amazing how much stronger you can become with a little help from your friends and family. I know that if I need them they are there for me. I have food and clothes and shelter, all basic needs, and there are lots of people who must go without them.

There are lots of people who are alone, have no family of friends or someone to love them. In this world where it is so easy to value “things” – cars and clothes and jewelry and money – it sounds kind of sappy to say this, but I will quote a very wise musical icon, Paul McCartney: “In the end the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” I think he meant more than the obvious. I think what he was saying is what you give, in the end defines who you are.

In the spirit of Sir Paul and Thanksgiving, if you feel like you want to give a little love this Thanksgiving, there will be plenty of opportunities. Perhaps, you can gather the family and friends and go to one of several free Thanksgiving dinners in town and volunteer to serve dinner, or perhaps you could simply say a kind word to someone who needs it.

Life is tough enough, so this Thanksgiving let’s all try to do a little something to make it easier on someone else. That is the true essence of Thanksgiving … oh, and a little turkey with dressing, too.


The seventh annual One Table Thanksgiving meal will be 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 24 in The Alley in downtown Aiken. This is a community event where churches, sponsors and volunteers feed an estimated 2,000 people.