Blue Man show different every time



When the Blue Man Group takes the Bell Auditorium stage next week, it’s all about fun – interactive and unscripted.

“The main thing that keeps the show fresh each night is it’s more of a live event rather than a scripted show,” said Benjamin Forster, who has been part of Blue Man Group for more than two years. “It’s in real time. We have a destination, but it’s a different journey each night depending on the connection with the audience.”

The Blue Man Group will perform two shows in Augusta, at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14, and Wednesday, Jan. 15. Tickets are $25-$62 from, the James Brown Arena box office, or (877) 4AUGTIX.

The elements of improvisation and audience interaction are different from other projects Forster has worked on. Forster is a classically trained actor with a degree in drama and urban design from New York University.

The Blue Man Group event is a mix of dance party and rock concert with some paint drums and audience participation thrown in. And it’s that departure from traditional theater that appeals most to Forster.

“My favorite thing is going into the audience. That’s typically something you don’t do. In theater, you don’t even acknowledge the audience is there. We are feeding off audience reaction. Going off-stage is thrilling. Getting close to people is my favorite part.”

Forster said he’s enjoyed this particular tour because it’s taken him to smaller cities, where he’s played in older venues. As part of his urban design major at NYU, he delved into architecture and theater history.

“There are a lot of smaller towns that have theaters that are amazing. They were all built 80 or 90 years ago,” he said.

The Blue Man Group was founded in the late 1980s. The act brings a blend of music and humor by bald and blue performers who never speak or make vocal sounds. Currently, there are permanent stage shows for Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, Boston, New York, Chicago and Orlando in addition to the traveling show, which will be in Augusta, and a show on Norwegian Cruise Lines. For more information, visit