Artist Portrait: Lauren Kerbelis

Lauren Kerbelis’ customers at Southern Travel Co. know when they shouldn’t try to reach her in the office.


“Wednesdays at 9:30 have become sacred,” said Kerbelis, one of the founding members of a plein-air painting group called Women on Paper. The group is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a display at Sacred Heart Cultural Center through Dec. 27.

Art has always been an integral part of Kerbelis’ life. When she was deciding on a career path, she felt her options were travel or art; fortunately for her, Kerbelis has been able to do both. She loves to paint, and primarily uses two media.

“I paint in watercolors because of their immediate response and transparent colors,” she said. “I like oils because they have a sculpted quality. You can build a depth when using them.”

And Kerbelis’ favorite subjects are anything to do with the out-of-doors.

“I love landscapes,” she said. “I do enjoy painting architecture and people, but I love plein-air subjects such as marshes and seascapes.”