Artist Portrait: Lillie Morris

Art, music and Ireland are great loves of Lillie Morris, and they all blend together in some of her latest works, which can be seen in Women on Paper’s exhibit opening Thursday, Nov. 7, at Sacred Heart Cultural Center. A reception will be from 5 to 7 p.m.


“I go to Ireland every year for my art and music. It’s become a special place of inspiration,” she said.

Morris plays the Irish fiddle and some of her newest works incorporate images of her musical instrument into her mixed media designs.

Morris has always loved art, but she chose a career in nursing rather than her first choice of majoring in art and minoring in music in college. She spent 30 years at University Hospital. During that time, she took art classes and attended art workshops.

She’s been part of Women on Paper for about a decade, and she feels it’s been a positive experience to interact with its members who meet once a week to explore their craft. The group is celebrating its 25th anniversary and averages seven to eight members, each with a different area of expertise.

“They’ve encouraged me to reach for things and not stay stagnant,” she said.

Other members of the group are Karen Banker, Ingrid Hofer, Lauren Kerbelis, Nancy Schultz, Gail Smith and Caroline Swanson. Learn more online at

In addition to the Women on Paper exhibit, Morris’ work is on display at Art on Broad and Hoehn’s Interiors.