Artist Portrait: Rhian Swain

Applause celebrates an artist in our community bi-weekly

Rhian Swain enjoys experimenting with new art forms.


“I like multimedia, especially painting digitally,” said Swain, the owner of RedWolf, a design and marketing firm. “It has the reputation of not being real art in the same way acrylics and watercolors weren’t once considered real art.”

Art has always been a part of Swain’s life. She attended the Atlanta College of Art and is a painter, photographer, designer, illustrator and writer. She plans to publish two books containing her art this year.

Swain said she likes to paint “socially relevant” pieces. One of her works, which is receiving a lot of attention and requests for prints, is featured in the materials promoting the upcoming Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival.

“It’s an abstract with Picasso-type people and Augusta in the skyline,” she said. “The theme is community, and this new piece is based on that same concept.”

The piece is based on a previous work and incorporates the feel of Arts In the Heart of Augusta in September 2001. The festival was held during the same week as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“There was such a sense of community,” she said. “Strangers were hugging each other.”

Many of Swain’s pieces hang in private homes on the West Coast and in the U.K.

VIEW HER PORTFOLIO. To see Rhian Swain’s works online, visit



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