Artist Portrait: Laura Neff

Applause celebrates an artist in our community bi-weekly

Laura Neff creates art for her own enjoyment.


“In 10th grade, I was running track and was injured,” said Neff, who turned to art to help her cope. “I needed this. It was the epitome of art therapy.”

As a child, Neff, now the outreach education specialist at Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, was surrounded by art. Her grandmother created porcelain dolls and painted with oils, and her stay-at-home mom enjoyed crafts. Neff studied fine art at Augusta State University.

“I used to tell people I was a painter, but I’m more into mixed media,” she said.

She uses wood, canvas and clay to achieve her final projects. Her latest works are sculpted female torsos, and she loves incorporating other textures into her pieces. When she sits down to create a piece, she doesn’t think about the final product.

“I’m very process-oriented,” she said. “I don’t try to have an end product in mind. I like raw, dark color palettes.”

Neff’s work is showing at Oddfellows Art Gallery on Broad Street. Her art will be part of the gallery’s Alternative Art Works exhibit opening March 23. She’ll be among several artists at Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art’s Spring Artist’s Market, March 15-22.



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